Love + Money



Shopify, Gatsby, Sanity

Brewbike is an innovative coffee business run entirely by students, with a presence on multiple campuses throughout the USA. As a growing company, they required a bespoke and highly customisable online store that could showcase their full range of coffee products, while also allowing users to easily purchase and receive their favorite blends right at their doorstep.

To meet these needs, Love + Money and I worked with Brewbike to create a headless ecommerce site that combines the React framework Gatsby with the seamless shopping experience of Shopify's checkout process. This unique combination allows Brewbike to offer a highly engaging and streamlined online shopping experience to their customers, while also providing the flexibility to tailor their online store to meet their specific needs.

With their new ecommerce platform, Brewbike can offer a wide range of coffee products, from freshly brewed blends to packaged grounds, with the ability to set up recurring monthly orders for customers who want to keep their caffeine fix on a regular schedule. With the power of Gatsby and Shopify, customers can quickly and easily browse, select, and purchase their desired products, all from the comfort of their own home.

Overall, Brewbike's new online store provides an innovative and highly effective platform for this unique student-run coffee business, allowing them to expand their reach and bring their delicious brews to even more coffee lovers across the country.