Love + Money



Gatsby, Sanity, Emotion, Three.js, Google Maps API

Denada is a pioneering sugar-free ice cream company based in Perth, Australia, that is revolutionizing the dessert industry. To showcase their expansive selection of products. The site features a range of custom interactive elements, including the use of cutting-edge technologies such as WebGL, which enabled me to import a 3D model of an ice cream tub to be rendered in real-time on the front end.

The resulting site is a visually stunning and user-friendly platform that showcases Denada's unique range of sugar-free ice cream products in an engaging and interactive way.

Overall, this project was a challenging and rewarding experience for me as I worked to create a high-quality brochure site that effectively showcased Denada's products and unique approach to ice cream. The end result is a visually stunning and engaging website. This project was completed along side the team at Love + Money agency.